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Last update : December 2020
(Photo credit: Oliver Edwards)

Colour: White only

Interior: Black

1st Registered: 1974 / 75

Registrations: NCW 417 P

Door handle type: Push Button

Vents in Tailgate: No

External Tailgate lock: Yes

Radiator type : ????

Diff Type : ????

# of smaller dials : ????

# of center switches : ????


1st prototype built from a 1600M
The only Taimar with a 1600 Kent engine
The only Taimar with side vents
1st of 2 Taimars with TR6 rear lights
Has a large removeable fibreglass sunroof
Has "M" series body shape between rear bumpers
Hidden tailgate hinges
Currently SORN'd in the UK

Sprint Feb 91 Pg 9
Sprint Apr 91 Pg 13
Sprint Jul 91 Pg 13
Sprint Jul 92 Pg 33 - 4sale
Sprint Dec 92 Pg 56 - 4sale
Sprint Dec 94 pg 79 - 4sale
Sprint Mar 04 - 4sale
Sprint Aug 12 Pg 17

(Photo credit: Oliver Edwards)

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