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Last update : December 2020
(Photo credit: TVR Engineering)

Colour: Silver / Plum Band & Plum roof !
     Silver / Plum Band

Interior: Black

1st Registered: Sep 1977

Registrations: DBV 449 S

Door handle type: Push Button

Vents in Tailgate: Yes / Now filled

External Tailgate lock: No

Radiator type : ??

Diff Type : ??

# of smaller dials : ??

# of center switches : ??


This was the factory demonstrator & features in many period aricles & press photos
At some stage the plum coloured roof has been repainted silver
Tailgate was replaced following an accident

Sprint May 97 Pg 50 (Silver roof?)
Motorsport (UK) Jan 1978
The Observers book of Automobiles 1979 Page 155

(Photo credit: Unknown Internet Source)
(Photo credit: TVR Engineering)

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