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(Photo credit: Phil Holmes)
Last update : January 2021

Colour: Brown / Neutral band (til 88ish)
     Red / Neutral band
     You tell me

Interior: Oatmeal

1st Registered: September 1977

Registrations: VVC 227 S

Door handle type: Push button

Vents in Tailgate: Yes

External Tailgate lock: No

Radiator type : Low / Wide

Diff Type : 4HU

# of smaller dials : 4

# of center switches : 5 small

- Currently SORN'd in the UK
- The car was fully stripped & the body was modified to fit a Chimaera Chassis
- The re-chassis project "went in a different direction"
- The Body & all parts still exist .... & are owned by 1 person
- Neutral band "missing" across the front, in the pic below
- TurboVane wheels :-)

Sprint Oct 83 Pg 19
Sprint Jul 88 Pg 24

(Photo credit: Oliver Edwards)

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