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Last update : December 2020
(Photo credit: Oliver Edwards)

Colour: Green only
     White / Brown Band

Interior: was Oatmeal
     Now Magnolia Leather

1st Registered: Nov 1977

Registrations: WLX 676 S

Moteable Modifications:
Walnut Dash
T5 Gearbox

Door handle type: Pull up

Vents in Tailgate: Yes

External Tailgate lock: No

Radiator type : Low / Wide

Diff Type : 4HU

# of smaller dials : 4

# of center switches : 5 small

Built for the 1977 Motorfair
Band between rear lights has been repainted, in the picture above.
Newer band has TVR Logo
Older band (shown below) doesn't have TVR logo
Last taxed in 1988 in the UK
Not marked as exported
Very much alive & well
Has been rechassis'd & being rebuilt to a very high standard

Sprint Dec 91 Pg 17
Sprint Dec 97 Pg 29

(Photo credit: Simon Lindley)

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